Alumni Association Annual Reports

Sr. No Name of Alumni Department Year of passing Date of Activity Contribution to College Development
1. Ms. Prajakta Thakur Instrumentation 2009-10 06/06/2020 Webinar on “Civil Service Examination: Information and Approach needed”
2. Ms. Vishakha Chandhere Electrical 2004-05 29/06/2020 Webinar on “Grid Integration of Renewable Energy”
3. Mr. Akshay Dumare, Mr. Omkar Gurav,Mr. Parag Sanyashiv, Mr. Tejas Shah,Mr. Shreyash Pawar,Ms. Samruddhi Kulkarni,Ms. Reshma Wable,Mr. MilanSingh Thakur Computer 2014-15,2017-18,2015-16,2012-13,2017-18,2011-12,2009-10,2011-12 03/07/2020 to 08/07/2020 Alumni –Connect  Webinar Series
4. Mr. Anirudha Pawar Electrical 2014-15 23/07/2020 Webinar on “career Opportunities in Facility management”
Mr. Vinit Tirnagawar Electrical 2018-19 24/07/2020 Webinar on “Research & Innovation in the Automotive Industry”
5. Mr.NandanGhawate E&TC 2014-15 24/07/2020 webinar on “Entrepreneurship opportunities for Engineering Students”
Mr. Anand Gundecha E&TC 2018-19 24/07/2020 Webinar on “Real Optimization of T&P Resources”
Mr. Rohit Ghole Instrumentation 2012-13 27/07/2020 Webinar on “Job opportunities in Instrumentation Engineering and Higher Studies in U.S.”
Ms. Sonali Patwe Computer 2006-07 01/08/2020 Webinar on “Block Chain Technology”
8. Ms. Samruddhi Kulkarni Computer 2009-10 11/08/2020 Webinar on “ How to build Career in Digital Marketing”
9. Ms. Reshma wable Computer 2009-10 18/08/2020 to 19/08/2020 Workshop on Time management and productivity in association with IEEE student chapter and Alumni Association”
Mr. Nandan Ghawate E&TC 2014-15 05/09/2020 Webinar on  “ Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Engineering Students”
11. Mr. Anand Gundecha E&TC 2018-19 05/09/2020 webinar on “Real Optimization of T&P Resources”
Mr. Guruprasad Samasgikar Electrical 2017-18 12/09/2020 Webinar on “PLC and  SCADA in Automation”
Ms. Revati Umak Information Technology 2013-14 21/09/2020 Webinar on “ Journey from Campus  to Company”
14. Ms. Sujata  Powniker Electrical 2003-04 26/10/2020 TO 30/10/2020 Workshop on Solar System Design and AC-DC System cost analysis
Mr. Yash Sultana Information Technology 2016-17 28/10/2020 Webinar on Entrepreneurship”
Ms. Sonali Patwe Computer 2006-07 18/12/2020 Coffee and Conversation with Alumni.
Parth Bhimani Information Technology 2015-16 16/02/2021 Coffee and Conversation with Alumni.
18. Virtual Annual Meet All Branches All Batches 13/03/2021 Virtual Annual Meet
19. Mr.Kiran Belle Electrical 2017-18 13/03/2021 Webinar on “Project based Learning & Project Management”
20. Mrs.Ankita Pawar E&TC 2014-15 24/04/2021 Coffee and Conversation with Alumni.
21. Miss. Krutika Kharde, Jr. scada engineer at sintag  technology,      Miss. Shrutika Kharde, trainee electrical engineer at Vanderlande. Instrumentation 2019-20  19/05/2021 “Coffee and Conversation with Alumni”  in association with Alumni  cell.