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Success Story of Deepankar Bhat

As I visit college to collect my documents and bid farewell, I reminisce the land of chai, late-night adda sessions, and an endless stream of exams. As an alumni, I look back at those days with both nostalgia and glee, knowing that my college journey not only prepared me for my career but also taught me some valuable life lessons. Today, I stand before you, seasoned with experience and a dash of humor, to inspire you to follow your heart and make your careers.

First things first, my fellow Indians. It’s time to embrace your inner Shah Rukh Khan or Deepika Padukone – be a Bollywood star in your career pursuits! No, I don’t mean you have to dance around trees (unless you’re into that sort of thing). What I’m saying is, don’t be afraid to dream big, like those epic three-hour-long movies with improbable plot twists.

Remember when we were told to “think outside the box”? Well, I say, forget the box altogether! Picture it as an annoying relative you don’t want to invite to your wedding. Embrace the weird, the unconventional, and the quirky. Your heart will lead you to paths others haven’t even considered. Who knows, you might end up inventing a chai-making robot or a self-stirring sambar pot! The world needs more inventive minds like yours, so don’t hesitate to sprinkle some ‘Bollywood masala’ in your career choices.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But Uncle, Auntie, and every relative I’ve ever met expect me to become a doctor or engineer!” Fear not, my young friends! Let me share a little secret with you – as an Indian, you’re born with a superpower called “jugaad.” Harness it like a true Gandalf of your career quest. Use jugaad to turn your passions into a fulfilling profession. Be it fashion designing, gaming, or even stand-up comedy, let your heart guide you through the epic journey of self-discovery.

Ah, yes, the infamous question – “Log kya kahenge?” (What will people say?) This pestering query follows us like a mosquito on a hot summer day. But let me assure you, folks, worrying about what others think is like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube after two rounds of tequila shots – futile and headache-inducing.

In the grand scheme of things, people’s opinions matter as much as last year’s exam syllabus. Instead, focus on what ignites the fire in your belly, what makes you leap out of bed in the morning (even after a night of binge-watching your favorite series). Life’s too short to live it according to someone else’s script. Follow your heart, and the applause you’ll receive will drown out those irrelevant critics.

Now, let’s take a moment to address the ‘Plan B’ enthusiasts. You know who you are – the ones with the emergency engineering or MBA option just in case your real dream crashes like a server during peak hours. Having a backup plan is prudent, but relying solely on it is like having an umbrella in the desert. You’ll never face the storms if you’re too busy seeking shelter.

So, let’s rewrite the script together, my dear friends. Embrace your heart’s desire and give it your all. Trust me; life has a way of surprising us when we least expect it. Those dance moves you perfected in the college cultural fest might just earn you a spot in a reality show. The blog you started on a whim might turn into the next big sensation, and your doodles could become a best-selling graphic novel. Success often finds those who are brave enough to follow their hearts.

To illustrate my point, let me share a little anecdote from my own journey. Back in college, I was a self-proclaimed expert in procrastination. But in those late-night study sessions, I discovered my passion for writing. Armed with a laptop and a bottomless mug of chai, I pursued my love for words with fervor. Today, I’m a writer, and it’s the best decision I ever made (aside from adopting my cat, Mittens).

So, dear college buddies, embrace your unique quirks, dance to your own rhythm, and march to the beat of your heart. Your dreams are your superpower, and there’s no force in the universe that can stop you if you put your mind to it.

Remember, life isn’t always a bed of roses, but it’s the thorns that make the journey worthwhile. Take risks, laugh at your failures, and keep pushing forward with the tenacity of a street food vendor during the monsoons.

As you set forth on this roller-coaster ride called ‘life after college,’ keep your heart close and your sense of humor closer. It will be your guiding star on those days when the future seems as clear as a foggy Delhi morning.

Now, my dear friends, go forth and conquer! Be the Shah Rukh Khan or Deepika Padukone of your own life’s blockbuster. Embrace your inner Bollywood hero and let your heart write the script. The grand finale will be nothing short of epic.




Your fellow dreamer and chai enthusiast.
Deepankar Bhat
(2020 batch)
Content Writer
Mirage Vialista.

Success Story of Reshma Wable

Reshma’s expertise lies in fostering effective communication and enhancing time management skills to significantly boost productivity. Her proficiency in these areas has led her to train over 100 budding Image Consultants & Soft Skill Trainers, making her a sought-after professional among C-suite executives and decision-makers in various organizations.

Her impact in the professional development landscape extends beyond training individuals. She has successfully conducted programs such as Campus to Corporate, Leadership and Business Communication, as well as Train the Trainer Programs for PAN India organizations.

In addition to her training endeavours, Reshma is currently engaged as a productivity consultant to a Software Company in Pune, where she applies her expertise to help the company thrive.

With her dynamic skill set and dedication to enhancing professional development, Reshma Wable continues to make a significant difference in the corporate world.

With a background in Computer Engineering from AISSMS IOIT, She credits her alma mater for instilling qualities like facing challenges, making sound decisions, and fostering teamwork during her graduation years. The support and guidance from the Principal Sir and teachers were instrumental in her growth. She cherishes the Alumni meet as it offers a platform to connect with peers, seniors, and juniors, fostering collaboration and lasting friendships. The institute’s emphasis on holistic development has allowed students to evolve both professionally and personally, shaping them into well-rounded individuals.

Driven by a passion for professional development, she founded SORT (Seek, Observe, Research, Transform), a company that provides a wide array of services, including leadership, communication, time management, sales, business, design thinking, emotional intelligence and etiquette training.

Coming from a defence background, she is known for her discipline and strong work ethic. Throughout her life, she has actively engaged in sports, being a part of the Bharat Scouts and Guides and leading her college’s girls’ volleyball team during her engineering degree.

Beyond her professional achievements, she is an avid endurance cyclist and has successfully completed challenging expeditions across India, such as Pune to Kanyakumari in 2013, Manali to Khardung La in 2014, Somnath to Rajkot in 2017, and Leh-Pangong Tso-Khardung La in 2019.

Her creative side shines through as well, as she has authored a poetry book titled ‘Hummings of the Heart’ in 2014, which has gained global recognition in hard book, paperback and e-book formats. She also finds joy in various artistic pursuits, such as cooking, painting, writing, playing the violin, and stargazing whenever she can spare the time.

Grounded in ancient wisdom, she has been practicing pranayama and meditation since childhood, following the guidance of her gurus. On a mission to share this profound knowledge with others, she is committed to teaching these practices to seekers.

In summary, she is a multi-talented individual with a remarkable journey, excelling in various fields and positively impacting the lives of many through her professional expertise and personal passions.

Success Stories – Mr. Harshal Kekan

Every great success story begins with a dream and every great dream begins with a dreamer. AISSMS Institute of Information Technology is more than pleased to introduce such a dreamer, Mr. Harshal Kekan Inspired and grown with the values and culture of AISSMS, he then forged on carrying the educational excellence forward with his own academic venture- Unique Academy. Hear this inspirational story of Harshal through our Insights on Start-Ups, a series launched on the occasion of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav to mark exceptional alumni entrepreneurs.
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Success Stories – Mr. Omkar Vichare

Website Story: Mr. Omkar Vichare is a reputed alumnus of AISSMS Institute of Information Technology. He constantly involved himself in academic teachings of Information Technology and learned a fair deal of technical skill sets during his graduation years. He shared a passion for computers and automation since his very childhood days. He innately believes that though technical learning is an endless process, it is a strong source of intellectual delight too. The insightful discussions with experienced faculties over various subjects of the computing world truly offer students the perspective to think clearly. Also, various academic processes at AISSMS IOT help students to envision all the possibilities before executing the right technical decision. Mr. Omkar rigorously studied the dynamics of computing and completed his B.E. in Information in the year 2019.

“Involvement in student organizations strengthens the collaborative faculties of computing students.”

At the very first time, when Mr. Omkar Vichare walked through the Multipurpose Hall entrance door to attend his induction program, he never thought that he’ll exit AISSMS Institute as the Best Outgoing Student of the Year – 2019. According to him, this was only possible due to the institute’s inclination to provide abundant opportunities for the students willing to grow as unique individuals. With the guidance of his teachers, he enhanced his skills to participate in as well as organize various inter-college events. He was entitled as the President of I.T. Students Association (2018-19) to lead significant inter-college events like Alacrity and Departmental fest.

Mr. Omkar Vichare expresses that he got the biggest opportunity to get in touch with the nerves of almost every IOIT’ian while handling the editorial functions of Annual College Magazine 2018. He was rightfully appointed as the Student Editorial in “Chief of Aayam”’ which represents the 10th Edition of Annual College Magazine. His final year project on the internet of Things-based Smart Parking System played an important role in his placement. He considers his project-related interactions with Prof. Pritesh Patil and Prof. Pragati Mahale, extremely important in his professional life. The faculties offered him exceptional mentorship to help him understand and advance his expertise in dealing with RFID-based access control and LED Navigation Systems.

The completion of his final year project got him a professional automation engineering position in Wipro Ltd., a leading Information Technology Company. He is currently working in Wipro Ltd. as a Robotics Process Automation Developer. His profile mainly focuses on designing and engineering programs that produce automation in new or existing software. His creative approach to solving problems related to technology is serving optimum methods of automation to the high-tech firm. In recent years, automation bots are demonstrating major significance in performing complex computing tasks with ease. We wholeheartedly wish Mr. Omkar Vichare, a rewarding and successful journey in the field of computer automation.

Success Stories – Mr. Yash Sultania

Mr. Yash Sultania, an alumnus of AISSMS Institute of Information Technology, was a very observant student during his graduation lectures. His passion for the field of technology was always evident in his semester results. He looked at every subject as a medium to supplement his technical knowledge. He appropriately developed his academic skills and graduated in Information Technology in the year 2017. In a recent interaction with him, he stated that AISSMS IOIT helped him find the core team members with whom he went ahead and founded a Software Development Firm.

“The latest progress in Digital Transformation considers Technology as a core instrument to further entrepreneurial boom.”

After bidding farewell to AISSMS Institute of Information Technology, Mr. Yash Sultania got inspired to lay the foundations for his Start-Up Company – Virtoustack Softwares. He started off with a small team of 5 members and explored the challenges of building a company from the ground up. According to him, the initial 6 months were as crucial as they were challenging. After enduring those difficult months, the software company began following steady economic growth. Under the entrepreneurial leadership of Mr. Yash Sultania, the company is now attracting clients from faraway corners of a digitally interconnected world.

When asked about the challenges he went through in terms of capital and marketing, Mr. Yash Sultania gave us a very practical response. He mentioned that coming from a technical background, the idea of marketing surfaced as a very steep learning curve. He figured out the missing pieces of marketing by interacting with a number of experienced people belonging to the marketing field. Books, nonetheless, offered him enough insights into the market he was dealing with. In terms of capital, the software company is currently bootstrapped. A couple of investors are expressing interest in his company, but Mr. Yash Sultania is focusing less on investors and more on reinvesting the profits his company is steadily generating.

He stated that the pandemic is surely impacting his business but the company is still growing at a steady pace. As of now, the business is on its path to reach annual revenue of 2 CR for the fiscal year 2021-2022. Even better, the company is consistently generating employment for people with similar interests. To all the aspiring technical entrepreneurs, Mr. Yash expresses that like any other business, the struggles will always be there in the initial stages. One should always focus on the process and the results will arrive at the right time. AISSMS Institute of Information Technology is grateful to Mr. Yash Sultania for all the practical insights he offered to the upcoming leaders of technology. We wish that his business reaches the pinnacles of all success.

Success Stories – Miss Harsha Shah


Miss Harsha Shah is a notable alumnus of the AISSMS Institute of Information Technology. She completed her graduation in Computer Engineering in the year 2017. Her academic history in AISSMS IOIT holds a bright position. The college’s culture of helping students identify their true aspirations through the medium of extra-curricular activities proved to be a key to her success. Such activities give way to a student’s ambitions and inspire careers that correspond to the student’s dream. Miss Harsha has left guiding footprints in AISSMS IOIT for the new dancers aiming to sharpen their art form.

“Engineers can be all-rounders. Their passion for understanding different dynamics of a subject becomes their greatest strength.”

Miss Harsha Shah truly believes that the big opportunity you dream of is always lingering right around your present moment. Her strong belief in her inner strengths was distinctly visible during her time in graduation that marks her participation in the National Level – Cultural Group Dance Competition. She consistently practiced her steps and danced her heart out to rank 2nd among all in the final stage of the National Level Dance Competition. And all of this happened alongside the technical events she was always expected to be a part of. Surprisingly, her understanding of technical skills was just as good as her dancing abilities.

Watching her dance skills grow so flexibly with her academic journey is an experience for the new engineers to learn from. Besides the rank she held in the National Level Group Dance Competition during her graduation, Miss Harsha had also proved herself internationally proficient in the South Korea Group Dance competition. Her teamwork and determination to represent India internationally earned our country 4th position in a reputed Group Dance competition. This achievement is a portrayal of encouragement for engineers all around our country to keep pushing on their passions.

A bachelor’s degree will always be beneficial in supporting your passionate dreams. The studying and adapting capabilities she developed at AISSMS Institute of Information Technology widely contributed to her field of interest. The years following her farewell in AISSMS College proved very advantageous to her goals of thriving as a professional dancer. She validated her confidence in education even more by gaining a Diploma certification in HipHop. During this period, she further excelled her dance abilities under the mentorship of World Champions “The Kings”. Learning from the experiences of artists who won the World Hip Hop Dance Championship fueled her aspirations of adding pride to the country’s history.

“The Kings” provided her with invaluable expertise to stand out in the field of Dance. She considers her interactions with the winners of NBC’S World of Dance extremely significant in her life. Adding more to underline her all-rounder capacities, Miss Harsha Shah is now freelancing as a dance instructor, a fitness coach, and also a sales executive for an online dance firm. AISSMS Institute will always hold a special place for exceptional talents like Miss Harsha Shah.

Stories behind the Shining Gems of AISSMS

Mr. Anuj More

Alumnus- AISSMS Institute of Information Technology

Mr. Anuj More, alumnus of AISSMS Institute of Information Technology was a best outgoing student since the very beginning. He participated in various & all possible contests (domestic and international), which exposed him to what and how the industry works. These early-stage lessons and learnings became his foundation and are proving beneficial to him even today.

With the encouragement of the faculties he always went beyond the regular syllabus to learn a little extra.

Here is a list of his achievements during the graduation-

  1. He developed a mobile app for College cultural/technical fest in the year 2013, which was first of its kind in any cultural/technical festival.
  2. Being a great Football & Table Tennis player, he represented AISSMS IOIT at inter-college tournaments.
  3. Ranked 19th in an International Contest for web app development.
  4. Awarded “Best Outgoing Student” for the IT department.

‘’A leap of faith is always better than a leap of doubt’’.

Today Mr. Anuj is the Founder & Design Head at Awesome Chaps IT Studio LLP. It was established in 2017. It is a company that helps businesses build their software products with an awesome User Interface (UI) and bespoke User Experience (UX). It nurtures new ideas, researches them, and sets them into action. Along with UI/UX, they also happen to work in Mobile App Development (Native and hybrid), Web App Development, and Graphic & Branding design.

Over the period of 3 years, Awesome Chaps IT Studio LLP has worked with more than 60 domestic and international clients. But it was not as smooth as it looks; Setting up a firm from scratch for sure is difficult considering factors such as sufficient capital, a good plan of action, number of working hours, etc.

When one start afresh, networking and acquiring new clients is a vital role. But with a strong determination & a few initial hiccups, all sets well; just like Anuj did. He acquired clients not only from India but the US, Canada, Europe (Germany, Spain, Czech Republic), Australia, New Zealand & delivered 60+ projects (domestic and internationally). He believes that profit is not only monetary but networking, meeting new people with amazing ideas, continuous learning, and making a better place for yourself along with other people you surround yourself with is the real wealth.

He considers himself fortunate for getting constant support from his friends and family and especially his elder brother who stood strong for him and believed his dreams. After all, leaving an ongoing job for a new venture is a risk but passion and consistency is the only trick to overcome this risk.

Stories behind the Shining Gems of AISSMS

Mr. Pushkaraj Phadnis

Alumnus- AISSMS Institute of Information Technology

Physically challenged due to ‘Cerebral Palsy’, Mr. Pushkaraj Phadnis has overcome his disabilities with his strong will power & manoeuvred his mental abilities. AISSMS Institute of Information Technology is proud of such alumnus who looked beyond the obstacles & has become an inspiration to many. With this locomotor disability, he came to college on a bicycle with side wheels but never gave up his zeal. Considering his passion, with not sympathy but empathy, all the faculty & other staff were always supportive and made sure he never faced any inconveniences. Making use of the well-stocked library, he always kept studying & cleared all his semesters not only in first attempt but with a decent score too. Getting his papers written from the non-technical writers while dictating them the answers was an exhaustive task for him. But he never gave up! His polite nature helped him make many friends who used to help him write down notes of the lectures.

‘Disability is not inability but the real opportunity’

Looking at his passion to learn he was rewarded by Principal Dr. Pradeep Mane on completion of his B.E. in first class despite the physical challenges.

Within 6 months of engineering, he acquired a job at Persistent Systems as a Software Engineer. He has spread his charm even there. He has received other awards like-

  1. Reward and Recognition award at company for good work and positive attitude.
  2. Award for successful differently abled person from National Association for the Welfare of Physically challenged, at hands of MLA Mrs. Medha Kulkarni.
  3. Most recent, received a long service award.

Being cheerful despite challenges is what he is known for. He mentions how grateful he is to AISSMS Institute of Information Technology where he could build his foundation and make an independent life of his own.

Stories behind the Shining Gems of AISSMS

Ms Samruddhi Kulkarni
Founder Meliora Techonlogies
Alumnus- AISSMS Institute of Information Technology

It is often said that success depends upon its second letter that is ‘U’. We can affirm this as Ms. Samruddhi Kulkarni, alumni of AISSMS Institute of Information Technology has truly proven this quote. Being a motivated & passionate student, she has always kept her flame of learning burning. Today she has her own company named Meliora Technologies.

Completing her primary education from a small city, she moved to Pune and pursued her BE at AISSMS. With an active participation in all the events & activities of college, she kept her doors to learn always open. After graduation, like every other student she was in a hunt of a job of her liking. But with time something clicked her & she realized her potential of being a leader. She thought why to keep seeking if I can start something of my own & in fact provide opportunities to people like me!

‘The habit of persistence is the habit of victory’.

She transformed this thought, planned a new venture & brought it into action in 2018- “Meliora Technologies”. Starting with a team of 2 with a WFH set-up & no previous business background, she faced certain challenges. But nothing stopped her from doing what she aimed at & kept growing. Services of Meliora Technologies include Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Lead Generation with clients across industries like Healthcare, Education, Finance, etc. Not only in India, but the list now includes international clients too.

With a belief that success is a journey not a destination, Ms Samruddhi has achieved everything she wanted & still works with persistence. She considers her graduation years as her core that helped her succeed. She adds-‘the academics of the Computer Engineering department at AISSMS IOIT was very interactive in nature & the knowledge shared by the faculty has been immensely helpful to all the students’.